Education Resources

Education was extremely important to Norm and is one of the primary goals of the NBHF. These resources are designed to help visitors better understand Dr. Borlaug and his lifelong dedication to making the world a better place. Please consider helping us expand our educational programming.

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Learning Opportunities

The resources below (other than the WFP curriculum) are products of NBHF Resident Scholars and Borlaug-Thomson Interns. We hope you find these resources useful with young people, either in the classroom or as enrichment activities for youth in other settings. If you have developed learning units about Dr. Borlaug that you would like to share with others, we'd love to hear from you. Please Contact Us!


Teachers: Download an 11 day curriculum about Dr. Borlaug, his work and related topics. From agriculture to the Nobel Prize, there's a lot of learning in store! Created by 2010 Intern Mary Foell.

  • Download Curriculum
  • Childrens book

    This picture book, created by 2015 NBHF Intern Megan Rauen, can be downloaded to help kids learn more about Norm and his work. Visuals and activities make learning fun for younger children. 

  • Download Book
  • secondary curriculum

    This material is designed for older students. It was developed by NBHF Education Resident Kendall Natvig in 2004. Some resources were updated by the NBHF in 2016. 

  • Download Curriculum
  • Activity Book

    Activity book created by 2016 NBHF Intern Rebecca Nellis intended for younger children. Kids learn about food issues and Dr. Borlaug through hands-on activities like puzzles and coloring. 

  • Download Book
  • New Curriculum from World Food Prize

    world food prize curriculumThe World Food Prize released a Global Food Security Curriculum in late 2017. The curriculum includes: Teacher Guides, Student Tasks, Key Terms, Assessment Tools, Essential Questions, and Standard Alignment. The free Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans consist of three modules: Examine Poverty and Hunger, Compare Assistance & Sustainability, and Investigate & Activate.

    Teachers can find information on how to participate in World Food Prize Youth Programs. Click the image at left to better view information about the curriculum.

     Visit to learn more about the curriculum and to download the material.

    Additional Resources

    The videos below are ones we find especially insightful regarding the life and work of Dr. Borlaug. The video "A Brain Full of Grain" is student film about Dr. Borlaug created and produced for the 2015 Iowa National History Day competition by Sean Wu, Rizwan Sidhu and Canaan Frese. It won first place in the Senior Documentary Division and moved on to the national competition. It is a wonderful example of the type of creative student thought and educational inspiration that Dr. Borlaug would applaud.

    A Brain Full of Grain

    Freedom from Famine

    Play It Hard

    A Lifetime Fighting Hunger

    The World Food Prize site is the repository of many efforts taking place around the world to feed the hungry.

    Dr. Borlaug won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970. This link directs the viewer to biographical information about Norm.

    Additional biographical information about Dr. Borlaug. Site includes many photos about Norm.

    U.S. government site with biographical information about Norm and about his statue in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda.