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About the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation

Since 2000, the NBHF has had the privilege of preserving both the birthplace and boyhood farms so that future generations of Normans can walk and learn on these sacred grounds. It is here, on this Norwegian farmstead in scenic NE Iowa, that Norm once played and learned about agriculture firsthand. Education is the second focus of the NBHF. We hold annual educational events, called Inspire Day, each spring and fall for school children, host tours, and adult education workshops. The NBHF is committed to providing a learning environment rich in unique opportunities for all ages that builds on Norm's life of service to others.


Giving to the NBHF

The Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, depends on our supporters to continue our programs and the preservation of the buildings and properties where Norm grew up.  While we do generate a small amount of revenue from the land, most of our operating budget comes from you, are faithful donors.

There are two ways to give to the foundation. First, you can give a gift using the Donate Now button on the upper left side of each page (a tax deductible charitable donation). This money will go into our annual operating budget. Second, large gifts can be made to the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation Endowment Fund (Learn more below). This money, which comes with an additional 25% Endow Iowa Tax Credit, will go into our endowment fund which we hope to grow to provide us with the ability to expand programs, hire permanent staff and keep this property going far into the future. Please consider donating to the NBHF in one of these two ways. 

Announcing the NBHF Endowment!

Since its inception in 2000, the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation has been working towards establishing an endowment that could help it provide ongoing funding for the farms and the programs held on them. This fund would also allow for an expansion of programming. Thanks to a few faithful donors, that endowment fund has been started. Learn more about it and the ways you can contribute with button below.


An affiliate of the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa which is confirmed in compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community foundations.


Educate ~ Preserve ~ Serve

Our Mission

The mission of the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation is the preservation of Dr. Borlaug’s birthplace and boyhood home and inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment through educational programming. 

Guiding Principle

Honoring the Man, Strengthening the Legacy 


Current Board Members

Laura Schmauss (President), Jason MacDuff (VP), Shirley Sovereign (Secretary), Gary Gassett (Co-Treasurer), Nichole Havlik (Co-Treasurer), Dennis Meirick (Property Mgr.), Joanne Lane, Kris Agena,  Neil Shaffer, Vickie Grube, Mary Reicks, Mark Johnson, Dale Vagts, Jon Buchanan, Tom Spindler (Tours), Michelle Midthus,  Maury Kramer, Bill Reed, Todd Knobloch, Christina Riessen, Ted Wilson, Adam Skoda, Kelly O’Donnell, Joe Bouska, Chad Bordwell

Founding Board Members

  • Ted Behrens

  • John H. (Jack) Thomson

  • Steve Johnson

  • Donald P. Arendt

  • Ken Becker

  • Joyce E. Vagts

  • Lori Moore

  • Tony Tremmel

  • Rex Kleckner


Over Two Decades of Service

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