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Our Events

The NBHF conducts events for adults each year from workshops to special tours. For several years we held an Agriculture Institute featuring nationally recognized speakers. These videos can be accessed below. The slideshow below features examples of other events we have hosted over the years. By donating to the Foundation, you can further Dr. Borlaug's work and our work on educating others about the need for sustainable food sources for the world. Thank you!

antique demos.jpg

Providing Unique Learning Opportunities

Ag Leaders Present

Ag Scientists Present at the Norman Borlaug Heritage Farms

Ray Archuleta - Soil Health Academy

Healthy Soils Demo Part 1

Dr. Jill Clapperton
Co-founder of Rhizoterra Inc.

"Soil Health: If You Build It, They Will Come!"

Healthy Soils Demo Part 2

Mary Damm - Soil Scientist
Prairie Quest Farm

"Learning Soils Through Tallgrass Prairie Restoration Research"

Fred Flemming - Shepherd's Grain

No Till Farming

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