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The Spirit of Dr. Borlaug's Life and Legacy Lives Here!

Help Us Preserve This Legacy Through The
NBHF Endowment Fund!

The overall goal of the fund is to establish a large enough endowment that the foundation can operate long term off its earnings. Once the endowment is established, it will allow the foundation to hire much needed staff to manage the properties, be available for tours on a regular schedule, and expand our educational “Inspire Days” to reach more students in Iowa and Minnesota. The endowment would also permit the foundation to work towards our goal of converting the 1915 Birthplace Barn into a year-round visitor and educational center.

In order to accomplish these tasks, our goal is $2 million in our endowment fund. We believe that Norm’s legacy and values need to be promoted to more people through a much greater outreach than what our strictly volunteer organization can do. By contributing to the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation Endowment Fund, you can help us reach these goals and keep Norm’s legacy alive. Use the button below to learn more about the tax benefits and ways to donate to the NBHF Endowment Fund.

Image by Marek Studzinski

Almost certainly, however, the first essential component of social justice is adequate food for all mankind.

Dr. Norman Borlaug

1970 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

Few people in the history of the world have done as much to positively impact humanity around the world as Dr. Norman Borlaug. Born on a small farm south of Cresco, Iowa, Dr. Borlaug devoted his career to saving the lives of millions of starving people around the globe. In 1970 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his work. He is also one of only seven people to have received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal in addition to the Nobel Peace Prize.

In His Own Words

"I realize how fortunate I was to have been born, to have grown to manhood, and to have received my early education in rural Iowa. That heritage provided me with a set of values that has been an invaluable guide to me in my work around the world... These values ... have been of great strength in times of despair in my struggle to assist in improving the standards of living of rural people everywhere."

NBHF Statement of Purpose

The Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation exists to educate others about the humanitarian efforts of one of the world's most important people. Dr. Borlaug devoted his entire life helping feed those who were most vulnerable throughout the world. Norm did not want the farms where he grew up to be a monument to him, but rather a place of education about helping others. That’s the second reason we exist; to preserve the buildings and land as teaching tools to help others learn about caring for those in need as well as caring for the environment. You can help us keep Norm's legacy alive by donating to the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation.

Education & Events

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Our Projects 2023

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Moving the Borlaug Tractors
First Tractor Removed
Intern Maddy Power Washes Tractor
The Other Antique Tractor is Power Washed
Antique Farming Equipment Display
Surveying the Fen
NRCS at the Fen
Walking Path between farms
Birthplace House
Birthplace restoration
Birthplace Shelter
Birthplace shelter
Brush removal
Stump removal
Brush removal
Volunteer work
Controlled Burn
Outhouse relocation
Outhouse Norman Borlaug boyhood farm

Watch A Video of The Tractors Being Moved

This video runs 6 minutes and has a musical soundtrack.

Meet Our 2023 Intern

Madison Stevenson is the 2023 Borlaug-Thomson intern. She attended Roland-Story High School before continuing her education pursuing a degree in Horticulture at Iowa State University. With her strong communication skills and passion for agriculture, it comes as no surprise that Maddy served a term as Secretary for the Iowa FFA.

What is Maddy up to this summer? Since the internship is shared with the Howard County ISU Extension office, many may have already interacted with her during a visit to the office or while attending the Mighty Howard County Fair. For the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation, she is helping maintain the gardens and grounds at the farm, researching the fen that is on the farm, providing tours to visitors, and coordinating educational outreach activities (just to name a few of her many contributions).


This internship has several key aspects that sparked Maddy's interest. "Borlaug’s contributions to agriculture inspired my grandfather, father, and now myself to pursue careers to aid in feeding our hungry world...I have spent many weekends in Cresco on the Stevenson farm that my father grew up on and my grandmother still resides," she stated before the summer began. Educational outreach and feeding the world, strong passions of Borlaug's, also fit with Maddy's career goals. "I want to own and manage a fruit and vegetable farm to teach and feed a community."

The Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation is excited to have such an outstanding agriculturist as the 2023 intern. We are grateful for all of the contributions Maddy is making to the organization, to Howard County, and to continuing Borlaug's legacy.

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