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Projects and Programs

The NBHF is dedicated to sharing the legacy of Dr. Borlaug through a variety of programs. We also preserve and care for the Birthplace and Boyhood Farms and the one room school he attended as a boy. The properties are actively utilized to inform and educate visitors about the life and work of Dr. Borlaug.

Our Goals


Long Range

1. Preservation of the Birthplace and Boyhood Farms where Norm grew up and learned the values of hard work and respect for the land and life.
2, Conduct a variety of educational outreach programs designed to pass along these important life lessons.  


2023 Goals
1. Complete the exterior renovation of the Borlaug Birthplace Home
2. Grow the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation Endowment Fund
3. Complete the updating of the septic systems.

Impossible Without You!

The work we do would not be possible without you, our donors!  As a nonprofit staffed by volunteers, we are highly dependent on donations.  You can make a donation online using the Donate Now button.  Since our inception in 2000, we have restored the interior of Norm's Boyhood home as well as repairing and repainting all the Boyhood buildings. We have completely restored the 1915 Birthplace barn and are working on restoration of the Birthplace home.  We have built shelters with restrooms at both farms, put in bridges to the prairie and fen, established signage so visitors can learn about Norm and his work on self-guided visits, established a prairie on the old farm ground, put in walking trails, done stream bank restoration, established a Mason bee colony, are restoring the 1965 New Oregon #8 School, and do much more. We also run educational programs such as our Inspire Days for 5th graders from schools around Northeast Iowa with plans to expand to Southeast Minnesota schools. Below are some photos of current and past projects for your review. Please help us continue our work. Thank You!

Rollover Photos for Project Captions

Natural Prairie & Stream

Projects Improving the Environment

The Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation is dedicated to improving the natural environment of the farms. Like Norm, we use the best information available to help us use the land wisely and preserve it for future generations. Watch the slideshow to see what we are doing to make things better.

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