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Borlaug's Work in Africa

Many people retire at age 65, but not Norm. As he entered his 70s, he began working on solving the problem of malnutrition and starvation in Africa along with establishing the World Food Prize and the Global Rust Initiative. And he continued working into his 90s!

Still Feeding the World

1985 - Dr. Borlaug secures initial sponsorship for World Food Prize. Learn More about the WFP

1986 - General Foods World Food Prize is announced  

1986 - The Sasakawa Africa Association is formed by Japanese philanthropist Ryoichi Sasakawa. He enlists the aid of Dr. Borlaug and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. African farmers are still mired in subsistence farming methods and millions of Africans face starvation on an annual basis. Learn More about the SAF

1986 - Challenger Space Shuttle Explodes. Learn More

1987 - Dr. M.S. Swaminathan is named the first winner of the World Food Prize. 

1994 - Nelson Mandela elected President of South Africa. Learn More

2000 - Dr. Evangelina Villegas, the first female honored as a WFP laureate.  Learn More

2005 - Dr. Borlaug establishes the Global Rust Initiative. Learn More

2007 - Dr. Borlaug receives the Congressional Gold Medal. Learn More

2007 - Margaret Borlaug dies.

2009 - Dr. Norman E. Borlaug dies.


Additional Resources

The World Food Prize began in 1986 naming its first laureate in 1987. It is appropriately headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, the capitol city of Norm's home state. Since its inception, the World Food Prize has been an important part of promoting Norm's goal of improving food production around the globe. It also has expanded its programs to include offerings for young people, encouraging them to become part of the food production solution.

"I am but one member of a vast team made up of many organizations, officials, thousands of scientists, and millions of farmers - mostly small and humble - who for many years have been fighting a quiet, oftentimes losing war on the food production front." Dr. Norman Borlaug

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