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The Man Who Fed the World

“I personally cannot live comfortably in the midst of abject hunger and poverty and human misery, if I have the possibilities of--even in a modest way, with the help of my many scientific colleagues--of doing something about improving the lives of these many young children.”  Dr. Norman Borlaug

Passing the Torch

Dr. Borlaug spent his adult life trying to find solutions to world hunger. Now it's up to the next generations to carry on his work. The population of the world has gone from less than 2 billion in 1914 when Norm was born to nearly 7.5 billion currently.

The need for new agricultural scientists and innovative agricultural professionals has never been greater. Organizations like the World Food Prize are an important part of this process. Learn More

1999 - Howard G. Buffet Foundation is started. Learn More

2004 - Outreach Program is started by Floyd and Kathy Hammer. Learn More

2008 - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledges more than $300 million to increase agriculture production in the Third World

2009 - The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations’ agency publishes a report in 2009 suggesting that by 2050 agricultural production will have to rise by 70% to meet demand.

2015 - Sir Fazle Hasan Abed named WFP Laureate. His work focuses on gender equality and empowerment of women in food production. Many organizations are working towards enabling women in the Third World to become the solution to food security. Learn More about Women as the Solution

2016 - The Global Food Security Act. Learn More

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Additional Resources

The following resources are focused on food security and agriculture. Several of these resources have an Iowa, as well as a world, connection.

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